Stop It

With so much attention recently about roadside trash and liter and how to prevent it, I've got an idea. The Valley News Loudon County Edition, stop throwing out your papers in everybody's yards and driveways.

Every weekend, someone tosses out the little papers, usually in a plastic bag, in every yard or driveway at least in the upper end of the county. Mostly, the papers lay on the ground till they're run over, rained on and they eventually just get scattered in yards or are washed into ditches clogging culverts and generally making a mess.

The paper states it features reports from McMinn, Meigs, Monroe and Rhea Counties but it is essentially a mini version of the News Herald, at least the contact info in the Valley News is the News Herald.

I'm sure there are some who like getting the papers and that's great. But maybe the Valley News could create a subscription list or at least put the papers in folks paper boxes but stop throwing them out everywhere.

How could this not be littering? If I went down the street throwing our a little bit of trash in everybody's yards, I bet I would get a ticket. Maybe the Valley News should get a ticket for littering for each of the papers they toss out.

To The Valley News, stop it. Stop throwing your papers in my yard.