Stolen Boy Scout trailer returned along with camping gear inside 
WVLT-Questioning a man about one crime led police to another. It's a crime they didn't even know had happened. Troop leaders shows us how it affected a local Boy Scout troop.

A surprising phone call for Boy Scout troop 98 nearly stopped something they love to do is camping!

Assistant Scout Master Joey Exum says, "The Loudon County Sheriff called and asked if I was missing a trailer and I said I don't think so, but I'll go check."

It was gone! Along with all the stuff inside like pots, pans, tents and precious items that had been with the troop since the 80's. Exum says, "It's a lot of money that goes into buying that trailer and gear. So when we got it we were really upset."

Fortunately the trailer wasn't missing for long. As police questioned Jacob Headrick about a different theft Wednesday. He admitted swiping from the scouts. Loudon County Sheriff's Office Jason Smith says, "We asked him if there was anything else that was stolen and he said there was a trailer that might be stolen."

The sheriff's department says Headrick had removed all the troop's decals. Boy Scout Rob Wheeler says, "That's pretty sad that they have to take Boy Scout trailer to make money."

Exum says, "People are always going to steal from somebody to better their selves and it's a shame that's the way it is."

What could have been a sad story for the scouts had a happy ending. Troop 98 will be soon be camping again!