Loudon man arrested in beating, car chase

Father stabbed trying to protect injured woman

By News Sentinel staff
LENOIR CITY - A Loudon County man was in jail Tuesday awaiting charges he severely beat his girlfriend, stabbed his father when the man tried to protect the girl and fled from officers in a 95 mph chase that ended with a crash in Blount County.

George Patrick Locklear, 20, already faces a drunken driving charge in Blount County, according to Loudon County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Tony Aikens.

Aikens said Locklear is expected to be charged with aggravated assault, attempted murder and kidnapping in Loudon County.

The series of events began about 11 p.m. Monday, Aikens said, when Locklear was driving a white Chevrolet pickup truck along Tellico Parkway while beating his girlfriend. Aikens identified the girlfriend as Crystal Kirley, who is in her 20s and also lives in Loudon County.

Kirley called 911 for help while in the pickup, but Locklear grabbed the cellular phone and tossed it out of the vehicle, Aikens said.

"He beat her up in the truck," Aikens said. "She had pretty severe facial injuries."

Locklear drove to his father's residence on Jackson Bend Road in Loudon County.

"He wanted to get his daddy's permission to beat her up because he thought she was going out on him," Aikens said.

Locklear's father, George Floyd Locklear, however, opted to protect Kirley from the alleged assault.

"When dad grabbed a (claw) hammer to protect her and himself, he stabbed his father," Aikens said.

The chief deputy was unsure of the type of the knife used in the stabbing. The older Locklear, who himself has a criminal history of more than 30 arrests, was wounded on the arm and chest, Aikens said.

As the younger Locklear left his father's home with Kirley in tow, a Loudon County sheriff's deputy arrived. Aikens said the deputy chased Locklear's truck along U.S. Highway 321 at speeds up to 95 mph for up to 8 minutes.

Locklear ran off the road in Blount County and crashed. Aikens said the crash caused a minor head injury to Locklear that prompted a trip to a hospital before he was taken to jail.

Aikens said Kirley was not injured in the crash but her eyes were swollen shut from the beating she took from Locklear. She was taken to Fort Loudon Medical Center for treatment.