During ball sign ups at the Ruritan Saturday, somewhere along the line the discussion of the "standing broom" came up. This is a phenomena where supposedly during certain alignments of the planets, a broom will stand alone unassisted.

One of our committee members, Mike Bluford, picked up an old broom leaned up in the corner and stood it up in the middle of the floor. After about ten seconds of balancing it he let go of it and low and behold the broom stood on it's own. In fact it stood all day. Spooky uhh?  

Do a quick search on the Internet or listen to broadcast media reports and you'll hear about "researchers and scientists" who are saying that a broom can stand on its own because of things like the moon's gravitational pull, the equinox or the way the planets have aligned.

Some even suggest spirits are at work.

But Joe Ross, a professor of astronomy and physics at Texas A&M University, said it's easy to explain why a broom can stand on its bristles unassisted, and it has nothing to do with the planets or anything -- or anyone -- beyond the planets.

It's simply a balancing act, he said.