Sparks Fly

With tensions still high after the vote on the school director's contract, the next order of business for board members was to elect a chairman and vice chair for the new fiscal year. Earlier, current vice chair, Gary Ubben, stated he had heard there was a conspiracy among other board members not to elect him to the chairmanship. I stated that I would like to help Mr. Ubben's prophetic prediction come true. I made the motion to keep current chairman, Scott Newman, as chairman for another year and Lisa Russell as vice chair. This motion set off a somewhat heated debate.

Board member Bill Marcus took issue with the idea of Newman being the chairman for another term and told Newman he shouldn't accept the nomination. Marcus suggested that the board had had problems under Newman's leadership and asked Newman why he "thinks he can lead the board out of it?" 

Newman pointed out the fact that Marcus had called him (Newman) earlier on his cell phone and had made all these same statements and there wasn't much else to discuss. Ultimately a vote was taken but failed for lack of a majority with Newman, Russell, Jenkins and myself voting in favor. Marcus, Ubben and Tate voting no. Johnson and Simon abstained.

Next, Leroy Tate made the motion to keep Newman as chair and Ubben as vice chair. This motion passed with only Marcus and Ubben voting no.