Sister of fallen officer prays for Dallas officers

WVLT-- Loudon County Sheriff's Deputy Jason M. Scott was shot and killed in the line of duty in March 2004. In light of the recent police shootings, Jason's sister, Jayme, says it is a nightmare that never stops occurring in her mind.

Jayme's statement:

"First, you become in an instant part of a club you didn't know existed. C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors) and learn new terms like E.O.W. (End of Watch) my brother was killed E.O.W. 3-12-04. I became an only child and a member of COPS.

I still feel the extreme pain from that day, a hurt that is physical, emotional, and mental. Then it never stops. More and more police officers step out to protect to never come home again. It's something people dial 911 and never think of who is coming to help them. All first responders should be that, first in our thoughts.

Our mom raised Jason and I to care about people, I guess that's why he always felt it was his duty to make you laugh, and ultimately the line of work he ended up in.

Not a day goes by that I wouldn't love to tell him things and talk to him. Instead, there is a picture and a card in the mail from COPS honoring him. The pieces never quite fit back together anymore.