Signs, Signs, Signs

If you live in or drive through the fifth district, it wont take very long to figure out there's an election coming. With six school board candidates and a contested state rep race on the line, there's no shortage of political signage in the area.

Some candidates take the saturation approach, posting their signs everywhere. Personally, I take the strategic approach by putting out as few signs as possible but locating them in the high traffic areas of the fifth.

What ever the case, I know we all get tired of seeing political signs. Good news is, in just a few weeks the election will come and go and hopefully all the candidates will quickly remove their signs.

Bad news is, just about the time the August election is over, it will be time for the candidates in the November election to start gearing up. That means more signs.

But after November, there wont be any more elections for nearly a couple years.