Signs Everywhere

You don't have to travel very far on any road in Loudon County to figure out there is an election coming soon. At nearly any intersection all along the roads, and especially around Walmart, candidates are working hard to get their names out to the voters. To my knowledge Loudon County has never had 54 candidates on a ballot. 

In Loudon County, there is just no good way to communicate to the masses. Some use print media. Some candidates have turned to the internet to get their message out but there is still a lot of people who are not on the internet and for sure it would be impossible for a candidate to knock on the door of every constituent.  So what's left? Signs.

We all hate to see political signs cluttering up the roadways but let me assure you, no one dislikes signs more than the candidates. We the candidates have to buy the signs, put them out, maintain them, then when the election is over, pick them up and store them. It's just part of running for office and remember it is just temporary. And by the way, it is illegal to steal signs.

Hopefully, all candidates will have their signs removed quickly after the election, then there will be the August election then the November election then we should have a couple of years before we have to hear about anymore elections.