Sign Vandal Arrested


Commissioner Wayne Gardin contacted me to say that Mr. O'Neal does not do work for him and that he only hired him once to work on his campaign signs.


Roy H O'Neal



The sheriff's office has made an arrest for vandalizing political signs. Roy Harvey O'Neal, 51 Muddy Creek Road was arrested last week after he was seen destroying a political sing belonging to Steve Harrelson. Harrelson is seeking the office of 6th district commissioner challenging incumbent Wayne Gardin for the seat.

Harrelson has had several signs destroyed along Muddy Creek Road near O'Neals residence. Last week O'Neal was seen by witnesses vandalizing a campaign sign that Harrelson had just put up to replace a sign that had been destroyed earlier.  

O'Neal has a lengthy arrest record most recently being arrested for driving on a revoked licenses for DUI. O'Neal is also on the state sexual offender registry charged with aggravated sexual battery.

O'Neal frequently works for Wayne Gardin doing odd jobs and helping with Gardin's reelection campaign.