Shot fired at Lenoir City Sonic

Brittany Davenport News-Herald

A man followed a woman down U.S. Highway 321 in Lenoir City Thursday morning and opened fire on her vehicle with a 12-gauge shot gun, officials said.

Dustin Martin also known as Dusty Littleton, was traveling down the road and was being followed by Kenneth Cook, 80, of 320 Hotchkiss Valley Rd. East in Lenoir City, according to a Lenoir City Police Department report.

At about 11 a.m. Littleton turned onto Broadway, headed west and when she went to turn into the Sonic Drive-In, Cook shot at her, hitting her red 1995 Nissan in the rear hatch, the report stated.

"There was only one round of ammunition that hit the vehicle. We don't know if there was more than that fired," said LCPD Chief Don White.

Littleton was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for aggravated burglary.

The call was a very unusual one for department, according to White.

When the incident was dispatched all officers were advised was that there was a possible shooting in front of Sonic, White said.

"I left the office and was shocked that we had this type of incident occur and was relieved we were able to locate all parties and no one was injured," he said.

This is not the first altercation the two have had, according to reports.

In October 2010 Cook received a phone call on his cell phone from Littleton who was wanting money, an incident report stated.

According to the report, Cook was playing golf at Riverview Golf Course in Loudon when Littleton came to the facility demanding money. Cook told her he did not have any money and Littleton grabbed Cook's wallet and jumped in a black ford truck and attempted to leave, the report stated.

Cook tried to reach inside the truck to the ignition switch and Littleton bit Cook on the arm, drawing blood, according to the report.

Cook then grabbed the partially open drivers side window of the truck and pulled it, breaking the glass, the report said. Cook found his wallet, which originally had seven $100 bills in it, but were missing, according to the report.

According to the report, he refused medical assistance for the bite.