After 15 years on the corner, Shot's Trading Post is closing the doors. Shot's as most folks call it, is unique to say the least. Named for it's owner, Shot Wilson, the little trading post offered a wide variety of products. From antiques to coins to knives to just about anything you could imagine if you looked long enough you could find it. But probably one of the biggest commodities at Shot's was conversation.

If you wanted to know what was going on in the city, Shot's was the place to go. I don't think I was ever there but what there several people there just discussing the local current events. But as the old saying goes, nothing last for ever.

Shot's place has the misfortune of being located in the footprint of Matt Brookshire's grand plan for a new city hall. His building and all the other commercial buildings between Hill Street to Town Creek are scheduled to be razed to make room for the new city hall.

On November 1st, Shot held a blow out, going out of business sale that brought hundreds to the little shop. A lot of merchandise went out but there are still some deals to be made. Shot says he will be open for a little longer and he still has a little merchandise left. But regardless of  product, I'm sure one can still find some interesting conversations to be had.