It Didn't Take Long

Well, it didn't take long. Seems Blount County is really taking advantage of Mayor Doyle Arp's generosity with Loudon County tax payers money. According to a report on WATE TV 6, (Click Here For Video) things are working well now for Blount County. They have hired an animal control employee, and he waits at a designated point in Blount County where Blount residents drop off their unwanted animals, then about closing time he arrives at our facility where we unload and prep the animals for incarceration, then he heads back to Blount County. According to Josh Everett, Blount County animal control officer, he is already responding to 35-40 calls per day.

Apparently, business is now so good at the Loudon County Shelter, we already need to hire another employee. According to the ad in the Daily Edition, the shelter is looking to hire a "temporary, part time, volunteer coordinator". The ad notes that the position is grant dependent. So is it volunteer or for pay? Who knows. The ad also states that the job description and application are on the county web site which they are not as of today. If it is a paying job I bet another family member gets it.

The whole idea of Loudon County taking on Blount's animals was a mistake to begin with. A lot more animals will have to die a lot sooner so Arp can help his old buddy in Blount County. Below is the WATE Story.

Animal control officer goes on the job in Blount Co.

March 6, 2007


BLOUNT COUNTY (WATE) -- Blount County's new animal control officer began accepting animals from residents on Tuesday.

Residents can go to the old Hubbard Elementary School on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. to surrender animals to Officer Josh Everett.

On Tuesday, Everett accepted some dogs and some puppies at the school.

On Tuesday, a family dropped off 12 dogs. Four were full grown and the rest were puppies. Everett has also picked up half a dozen cats and several pit bulls since Friday.  

He says the stray animal population is a growing problem in Blount County. "I average anywhere from 35 to 40 calls a day, strays mostly. Some have lost their dogs and are wondering if I've picked them up or if somebody else has found them."  

Larry Wheelon dropped off a young dog that wandered onto his property over the weekend. "It's good that the county finally stepped forward and got somebody to take care of these dogs and cats."

You must must show the officer proof of residency when you surrender an animal.

Everett is only picking up dogs and cats when he answers calls.

Each call will be dealt with on a first received, first served basis unless the officer determines it's an emergency.

Animals collected in Blount County are temporarily being housed at the Loudon County Animal Shelter. The two counties struck an agreement after Blount County's housing contract with the city of Maryville expired. Click here to see the animals up for adoption through Loudon County.

Animal neglect and cruelty issues will not by handled by the county. The Blount County Humane Society will handle those issues. The number is (865)-742-3070. 

To contact Blount County Animal Control, call (865)-228-0024.