Setting the Record Straight-Greenback School 
By Lisa Russell

My name is Lisa Russell; I am a parent of three Greenback students. I was on WATE News Wednesday Evening @ 6:00p.m. However, my message was not entirely reported. I stated that I did not send my children to school on Wednesday because of personal safety concerns but the reason behind the concerns were not reported. I was not comfortable with the children being in school while gas heaters were being replaced. My children returned to school Thursday.

We know the facility has problems and is on fire watch. However, progress is being made. Because there have been gas leaks and the old units were not in good condition, there have now been new gas HVAC units installed. This was done very quickly which shows there is action being taken to ensure the safety of everyone in the school. The gas lines are in the process of being certified by a contractor so this should eliminate the gas leak problems at this facility .The drawings for the alarm system required in the GYM are in Nashville waiting for approval. Addressing the many problems does take time. Funding for correcting the other deficiencies is a problem that also takes time. The funding requests have been heard by County Commission and once the bids are in the funding should be available. After this funding the other HVAC problems will be addressed and the other deficiencies corrected. It is a long road for this process.

I would also like to say that while the facility at Greenback has problems you could not ask for a better faculty. A school is made of several components in its total evaluation. The sense of family and community at this school is unlike any I have ever encountered. The relationship between teachers, parents and children is something most schools can only dream about. Since my children have attended Greenback School we have always been made to feel welcome and part of this family. I have always felt anything could be discussed openly with the teachers and they will always help in anyway they can. I feel they think of our children as their own and treat them as such. I am grateful to have such people in charge of educating my children. Greenbacks test scores are available for all to see and the numbers are something to be proud of.

People very rarely want to report the good and this is something that others need to be reminded to see. I believe it is difficult for most people to see the difference between the facility and the school. So while the facility may be poor the other components of Greenback School are very rich indeed.