Sequester Explained

I suspect all of us are sick of hearing about Obama's sequester. According to the president and his ilk, the eighty five billion cut in the budget will essentially be the end of the world as we know it. Of course this is all lies. There are no cuts at all.

I heard the best, simplest explanation of the reality of the sequester and wanted to share.

Bill has a good job making $100,000.00 per year. He owns a nice home, two kids in collage and a couple of nice cars in the garage.

On Monday, when Bill got to work, his boss told him he was going to be getting a $10,000.00 raise beginning at the first of the next month. However, on Friday his boss came to him and told him he would only be getting an $8,000.00 raise rather than $10,000.00.

Bill was despondent. When he got home that night he broke the news to his wife. He told her they would have to sell their house, get rid of their cars and the kids would have to drop out of collage.

This is the same thing going on with the US budget. No cuts are planned only a reduction on the proposed increase in spending.

Our government officials are absolutely out of control, both parties. Something's got to change.