Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to attend an event for a local charity. Members of the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life, sponsored the event as a fund raiser for their cause. It was a gala affair with fine food and entertainment. There was only one  surprise of the night.

Members of the audience were seated at individual tables and each table had their own server. When our waiter/waitress came to our table there was just something a little unsettling about her/him. There was something a little familiar and at the same time a little scary about him/her. He/she looked a lot like Loudon County School Board chairman, Scott Newman but maybe a little taller. It was just hard to put your finger on it.

Could it be? Was it our esteemed board chairman, our friendly neighborhood police officer? I think, I think................yes it is. It was Scotty Newman, dressed in drag and waiting tables. Have things gotten so bad that Mr. Newman is moonlighting as a waitress or even worse have things gotten so bad that anybody would hire a waitress that ugly for any reason?

Of course I'm joking. The event was called "Loudon County Celebrity Waiters." A number of individuals including Scott Newman, Sheriff Tim Guider and others volunteered to serve as the waiters for the event. Donations were raised from the tips given at each table for the service the waiters/waitress provided. Thousands of dollars were raised for the cause.

All those who participated should be commended for participating in such a worthy cause.

In Scotty's case, it just seemed like he was a little too comfortable in a dress.   

Scotty & Jason Vance

Scotty & Bobby Johnson Jr.

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