School Board Seat

As reported last week, the 6th district school board race was won by a candidate who has moved out of state. Unfortunately, her departure took place after it was too late to remove her name from the ballot.

Christie Allen Kreischer won the election but is now living in Indiana. She has been contacted by the election commission about her win and given her options. She may return to fill the seat or send a letter of intent not to return.

In an email to me, Ms Kreischer stated that she doesn't plan to return and will be sending a letter to the election commission this week of that intent. 

This win means the world to me, I am new to Politics but not when it comes to our school system.......I wanted this so bad but just was not sure I would win,,,I can't believe with most everyone knowing I moved and no signs I still won big, I thank Loudon County for their vote and would love to be there to fulfill my seat on the school board. I spoke with Susan and I have the option to come back or send a letter to give the seat up. I plan to send the letter sometime next week.
Thank you and God Bless

Christie Allen Kreischer

It now appears that the school board seat will be on the November ballot if in fact Ms. Kreischer does send the letter and time permits to meet the qualifying deadlines for the November elections.

The other option if deadlines are not met would be for county commission to make an appointment to the board. That appointment would be till the next general election which wouldn't be till 2012.