Sample Ballot

With early voting beginning on the 15th, it's important that voters are not only familiar with the candidates but also with the ballot. This election is not only a presidential preference primary for both republican and democrat candidates and for the Loudon County Property Assessor but also for delegates for the presidential candidates. That makes the ballot much longer and a little more complicated than might be expected.

There are 10 presidential candidates, more than 70 delegate choices and 3 assessor candidates. The number of options to vote for will depend on which primary, republican or democrat, you choose.

One thing for sure, if you don't vote in the republican primary, you will not get to vote for any of the Loudon County Assessor candidates. Since all the candidates are republican the winner of the republican primary will be the winner of the office.

Below is a link to a sample ballot provided by the Loudon County Election Commission. 

Sample Ballot