Salute given for liquor store loss in Lenoir City

It was great to see liquor stores were defeated in Lenoir City. Even by a small margin, it is still a major victory.

No one is taking a vacation from this issue which keeps popping up, although it is evident it is unwanted and wonít be welcomed in two years, two weeks or two days. It is an ongoing battle and those who oppose arenít going anywhere, unless it is to heaven, and if that happens, we wonít be worrying about it, fighting it or working hard against it ever again.

The fact remains that availability of alcohol leads to abuse. Paychecks go for alcohol and not milk and bread or bills. There are those who are willing to purchase for underage drinkers.

It makes sense that the main purpose of liquor stores is to promote alcohol consumption. The tax revenue from the sales are but a pittance of what those who sell will collect for themselves.

I admire and encourage Charlie Garner and others on council to attempt to right this wrong. Hopefully there is some alternative or loophole in the law that can be resolved.

Should that not be the case, perhaps they will be able to find a desolate, dark, dead end road as far away as possible, fence it in, turn on floodlights and card everyone going in and out.

Caye Freels Lenoir City,