Safety training helps first responders during dangerous jobs

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – First responders are constantly ready to help at a moments notice, but there are a lot of dangers to the job especially when it comes to crashes, fires and severe weather.

The Lenoir City Utility Board Office of Homeland Security and Safety held a training session in the Farragut Kroger parking lot Wednesday. The session helped responders practice what to do when a car comes in contact with a high voltage or downed power line.

Johnson said, “We’re utilizing a live demo trailer that simulates overhead distribution center that they would see when they come in contact with car wreck of a car crash, a house fire or maybe a tree into some lines.”

Crews were shown several real life scenarios during the electrical scene safety seminar, including a ladder, shovel and a firefighter helmet coming in contact with wires.

“It’s a lot more helpful than sitting down in front of a computer screen,” said Director Matthew Fagiana.

Fagiana says despite the situation it’s important to not endanger your own life while trying to save someone else. More than 200 people have participated in the training sessions.

“We deal with anything from car accidents to storms, and trainings like this will help us recognize we don’t need to put ourselves in jeopardy because electricity can’t be controlled and the hazard can’t be eliminated,” said Rural Metro’s Dan Johnson.