Ruritan Lives

I have what I think is great news. The Ruritan Community Park will continue operate.

You may remember some months ago I reported that the 2013 ball season would be the last for myself and the other committee volunteers. We are all old and the time had come for us to retire. Of course our hope was that some new folks would step up and take over the operations. Hope was beginning to fade after  all these months. It looked like the park/program and the club were coming to an end.

That's not the case now.

Monday night, the few remaining club members that I could get together voted to accept 13 new members into the club. These new members are the core of a group of folks who want to continue the operations of the park and the club.

They plan to have things ready to go for the 2014 ball season. The program may not be exactly as it has been in the past but they are planning to offer T-Ball, Baseball and Girls Softball next year.

All us old heads are excited with the new members and the fact the Ruritan tradition will continue.

The Eaton Cross Roads Ruritan Club was founded in 1963. The park operations began in 1974.

As all the details are worked out, I'll keep you updated on the park's web site @