Rural/Metro Out

Thomas Milton, Relations Director with Rural/Metro ambulance informed Loudon County Commission at Monday's workshop that they would be ending their contract with the county a year earlier than the current contract calls for. The new agreement, if passed by commission, would allow R/M to end their contract to provide services for the county December 31, 2014. The original contract would have ended December 31, 2015.

According to Milton, the terms of the existing contract have changed so drastically that it would be financially impracticable for R/M to continue for the additional year.

Earlier this year, Priority Ambulance Service was able to land agreements with both Lenoir City and the city of Loudon to provide service within both cites where the vast majority of calls come from. This effectively left R/M to service just the areas outside the two city limits with limited calls.

Rural/Metro did agree to continue to provide services to the county proper beyond the December deadline if the county isn't able to sign a contract with a new provider by that time.

An RFP, (Request For Proposals) will be issued this week by the county with the hope that the process could be completed to allow for a new contract for county ambulance services by or near the R/M contract deadline.