"Dangerous" rooster caught after repeated harrassment in Lenoir City
LENOIR CITY. Tenn. (WVLT) -- It was not Godzilla terrorizing a local gas station in Lenoir City, but a rooster that ended up outside of a Kenjo gas station. The bird managed to hang around the store for two days before a local captured him.
Stewart Starr is lives in Lenoir City and has a community Facebook page called Lenoir City TV that gives news and updates for people living in the area. Stewart was the first to post the video online of people chasing the rooster that has gone viral.

“We usually get a handful of likes on our page, but this was our biggest hit,” said Starr. “We have over 41,000 views of the original post at this point as well as about 3,000 likes to our Facebook page.”

According to Starr, the bird pecked at the windows of the store and harassed the customers, even at times scaring children that came too close.

The video posted online was taken by a customer and shows Lenoir City police attempting to catch the crafty guy.

“I guess it took old time country methods to catch him,” said Starr. “I continually updated the Facebook page, and everyone seemed to really enjoy watching and reading about this rooster