Ron Paul II

Last week I wrote a little ditty on presidential candidate Ron Paul and how I was sure his elevator didn't hardly go to the top floor and likely, his supporters may be more challenged than he is.

Not surprisingly, I received some "feedback" from some who apparently disagree with my position but that's OK, that's what makes this country great. To be fair, I went back and did a little more research on Dr. Paul. Maybe I was mistaken and he actually is the right man to be president.

After several hours of research I came to the same conclusion, the man's nuts.

To those who fill compelled to support Ron Paul, do a little research. Go to Google and type in "Ron Paul" crazy quotes or crazy statements or type in "Ron Paul" nuts. You'll get millions of links. Do the same search on Youtube. Don't bother reading the pundants comments just go straight to the statements and videos made by the man himself. You decide.

As I said before, Paul believes and says a lot of things that makes sense but unfortunately, he also believes and says a lot of things that are scary as heck.

Ron Paul is like a big delicious looking chocolate cake. Looks good on the outside but when you cut into it it's full of broken glass and metal fragments. It's just not edible.