Ron Paul, Really?

                      Dr. Ron Paul                           Dr. Simon Bar Sinister

I consider myself a bit of a news junky especially when it comes to politics both local and national. I think I'm just about as far right, conservative, as anybody can be. But I'll be honest, it mystifies me how more than twelve or fifteen people in the country could support Ron Paul. He's nuttier than a fruitcake yet still seems to have a large, loyal following and that's scary.

On some issues he makes since and can express himself in a coherent fashion but then if you listen to him long enough his brain train runs completely off the tracks. He wants to legalize all illegal drugs, legalize prostitution. He thinks Iran has the right to have nuclear weapons and most dangerous of all, he would all but eliminate our military. This man is a nut. What does this say about his supporters?

Paul reminds me of the villain on the old Underdog cartoons of the 1960's, Dr. Simon Bar Sinister, Underdog's arch enemy. Dr. Simon Bar Sinister is the wickedest man in the world, and it was his ambition to rule the world, but each time, Underdog defeated him.

You know Ron Paul is a doctor too. Maybe he has developed some kind of a subliminal mind control system that is effective on those with, how should I say it, simple minds maybe.

I guess if there were enough people in the country to elect a far left socialist like Obama, there could be those who would continue to follow Ron Paul.