Meeting Agenda

“ROMP” 2010


Practice Information

The grant says there will be: 2 practice days per week; each practice lasting 2 hours

Practices start: Feb 2, 2010 (Tuesday) from 4-6pm


We would like for some of the students in Trash Can Band to serve as Jr. Instructors during practices and would also like them to perform in show if possible. (however the show is not to “feature” the Trash Can Band, they would just simply be one part of the show)


We would also like to have some of the members of the drum line from the high school band to act as Jr. Instructors. We have no connections to make this happen but thought you might.


Practices would be held at Creekwood subdivision as we want to hold practices in a place where the majority of “at risk” youth will be able to attend. By having practices in the Creekwood subdivision, those children can walk to and from rehearsals. We are currently trying to contact LHA about using their community center and outdoor basketball court to hold practices in. This has yet to be confirmed.


We need to have rules established for the first practice about missed practices i.e. 3 missed practices results in dismissal from program




Would like to have it at the Lyric Theatre in downtown Loudon. Still working on getting that confirmed. Also have looked at the amphitheater at one of the parks.


Performance date- first or second weekend in May (1st or 8th) 15th may be a possibility if absolutely necessary


Will you want a dress rehearsal day?  If so, what day and where?


If we have a lot of participants, we may need to have more than one show. If we do this, we will have a reception between shows, if not; we will have to decide on when to have the reception.


The reception is going to be classy, but not formal (fancy) The FRC Advisory Council members will assume leadership roles in specific committees to help spread the work load out


The committees I have are:



Props/Set design



Ushers and Hostesses


Can you think of any others that need to be added?




-This program is being offered to all children in Loudon County

-It is open to children of all ages (up to 18 yrs)

- Reminder: all money for this grant is on one line item and that line is for an instructor

Any supplies you need, you will have to pay for and be reimbursed when grant money comes in to pay you. Please remember, the total grant is $1600. Supplies will come out of that, you will not be paid $1600 plus supplies. Just want to make sure everything is clear about this. I don’t want you to expect to be getting a certain amount and it end up being different than expected because that really stinks!