Rockin' The Docks returns to Lenoir City for Memorial Day
 ERICA ESTEP 6 News Reporter

LENOIR CITY (WATE) - Lenoir City is bringing back it's Memorial Day celebration and fireworks show after having to cancel it in 2010 because of the economy.

"This is an event that is free to the public, so we do rely on sponsor money to put it on," explained Lenoir City Parks and Recreation Director Steve Haralson.

"So, yeah last year because of the loss of some revenues we decided to do only one event, make a huge, blowup July 4th event since it was our tenth year. So that's what we did."

The event known as Rockin' the Docks is held in Lenoir City Park. It's free and complete with live music, food, and of course a big bang fireworks show over the lake.

"The economy is coming back, but I think also people enjoy this event so much that they missed Memorial Day last year," said Haralson.

That's why he said more corporate sponsors stepped up to bring it back. 

The park is always popular with families. Stephanie Montgomery of Louisville has been to the celebration before, and is looking forward to bringing her children to the big show in two weeks.

"You could see a perfect shot of it, just the colors and everything light up the sky," recalled Montgomery. "It's really pretty sitting on the bank and you can see the reflection on the water. So, it's nice."

With the exception of last year, Lenoir City has held two Rockin' The Docks celebrations, one for Memorial Day and one for July 4th, every year over the last decade.

People we spoke with say they hope it never changes again.

"I'm very glad they are bringing it back," added Montgomery, "because it's kind of just a celebration for everybody to get together and when they don't have it, there's nothing else to do."

The Memorial Day and July 4th Rockin' The Docks celebrations cost $50,000 combined, but city officials said it is a big boost for the economy with thousands coming from all over the region to celebrate.

The Memorial Day event is Saturday, May 28th.