Rockin the Docks in Lenoir City

 LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WVLT)- Memorial Day weekend events range from parades to dedications.

But in Lenoir City, it's all about Rockin the Docks-- one of the largest holiday celebrations in East Tennessee.

Fort Loudon Lake was rockin' Saturday night.

Folks spent the day with their family and friends on the boats and in the water celebrating the American holiday.

It's all part of the Rockin the Docks tradition filled with lots of music, food and fun.

The event draws thousands of people each year-- many of them returning year after year.

"We come over here every year. The music. We get to see everyone we know. It's great for Lenoir City."

And then there are some folks from out of town that figure this tradition is well worth the drive.

Mike Hutchinson- whose from Ohio says,
"We actually just arrived here. Looks like a nice place, all the boats.. looks like a good time!"

Whether it's to relax, meet new people or simply get out doors folks ... There's one reason everyone's out here.

This was the event's 12th year.