The Right Time?

I was reviewing to see if I needed to do any follow-ups or updates on any past stories and I found several that need a little more coverage. I'll try to get to all of them over the next little while. But one I've got to hit one more time is the eviction of the school board administrators from the county office building.

As previously reported, county mayor Estelle Herron and at least some commissioners, have decided to kick the BOE administrators out of the county office building. They want to spend maybe a million or more, no telling how much, to relocate five or six people to the old vocational building on Harrison Road in Lenoir City and I've yet to hear anyone give any rational reason of any kind for such a large waste of tax dollars.

Besides a colossal waste of money, the logistics of the whole thing is crazy. Wouldn't surprise me if they wont have to hire a new employee just to courier documents and paperwork back and forth from Lenoir City to Loudon all day.

If in fact the county government side of the building does need more space, what was wrong with the 300k addition to the current building commission approved several months ago?

I'm going to call on the mayor and commissioners to think this one through a little deeper. You know full well there are more school building projects that are going to have to be done. Why on earth would you want use school funds or any tax dollars for that matter, for such an unnecessary project? This makes no since at all.

This being an election year, it sure seems like a really bad idea and a waste of lot of tax dollars for a bunch of supposed "republicans." 

I'm sorry, but this one ranks right up there among the top two or three worst decision commission has made.