Rezone Denied

County commissioners denied a request from Kevin Ward, represented by his attorney, Arthur Seymor, to rezone a small parcel of property on what was formerly the Cedar Hills Golf Course. Ward was asking to rezone the property from residential to comercial.

Ward had originally been operating a residential garbage pickup service from the property before it was shut down by Loudon County Zoning department.

Ward then went before the Loudon County Planning Commission to request the rezone. The planning commission did not approve the request sending it to the county commission where it was denied.

Mr. Ward had proposed to operate an automotive repair shop on the property in the existing building.

Commissioner, Steve Harrelson, who represents the 6th district where the property is located, made the motion to deny the rezone request citing three concerns he had:

(1) On July 18, 2017 the Regional Planning Commission addressed this issue. Although a motion to approve was offered, there was no second; therefore, the motion died.

(2) Cars on property waiting to be serviced is not aesthetically pleasing in the neighborhood.

(3) Noise from car repair shops in a residential area is not pleasing.

Harrelson's motion to deny was passed unanimously.