Republican vs Democrat

When you go to vote in the May primary election, you will be asked if you want to vote in the republican or democrat primary. How you answer that question will make a big difference on who you can vote for or if you can vote for anybody at all.

On May 1st, Loudon County will hold the republican and democrat primary election. Normally, a primary election would determine which candidates from each party would face in the August county general election. But in this election, there will be only two democrats on the ballot and in only two districts. Long time 2nd district commissioner, Earlena Maples (D), and in 5th district, Jan Hahn (D), running for county commission, will be the only two democrats on the ballot.

What this means is, if you vote in the second or fifth district and you choose to vote in the democrat primary election, you will only be able to vote for one candidate, Ms. Maples or Mr. Hahn in their respective districts. You will not be able to vote for a the mayor, sheriff or any other countywide candidate. If you choose to vote democrat in any other districts, you will have no candidates to vote for.

Ms. Maples and Mr, Hahn will automatically win their respective democrat primaries and advance to the August General election. Ms Maples will face Julia Hurley in August and Mr. Hahn will face the winner of the of the May republican primary. Myself or Sharon Yarbrough.

So even if you're a diehard democrat, and you want to vote for any county wide candidates, you will have to vote in the republican primary.