To Harry Wampler and the Republican Executive Committee,

I am in receipt of your letter dated July 24. Imagine my disappointment after rushing to the Post Office to retrieve my certified letter thinking I may have won a major cash award, only to find it was just a letter from you  questioning my political loyalties.

I had a lengthy letter written in reply to your letter of censure, explaining and defending my position on the matter of Doyle Arp. However I decided I didn't owe you or any one else any explanation for my actions. I answer only to God and my family for any thing I do.

If you choose to support a man like Mr. Arp, that's your choice but please don't you or any one else ever try to dictate to me how I must vote. History is replete with those governments, organizations, parties and people who demand blind loyalty from their subjects, always with disastrous results.

Having worked with you on a number of issues through the years, I cannot tell you how incredibly disappointed I am in you for your position on this matter. I truly thought you were a better person.

If I ever do choose to run for political office again, I will not depend on the executive committee of the republican party for any support nor do I feel I have ever depended on them or received any support from them in the past.

I am sorry that you and others feel that Mr. Arp is the kind of person you would want representing Loudon County.


Van Shaver