Reno Suggest Higher Sales Tax,
Property Tax and Wheel Tax

In her News Herald "Candidates Questions" second district commission candidate, Shirley Reno, indicates that she supports a wheel tax, higher sales tax and higher property tax. The only question for her is whether the property tax increase should come all at once or in increments. But no where in her responses does Ms. Reno ever suggest that cutting spending and waste is even an option.
"Even with the funding steps we have taken, the increased sales tax, if it passes in the upcoming election, and the possibility of a wheel tax, we will still fall very short of the needed funds. And that brings us to a property tax increase. There is no way to know how much money will be needed until we meet with the board of education and understand all the needs and the time frame involved. Another question is should the monies needed be considered as a whole (raise the property tax to cover all building needs at one time) or do a property tax raise in increments so we donít get hit really hard at any one time. Our present property tax rate is one of the 10 lowest in the state." News Herald

Thus far while on commission, Ms. Reno has voted herself as a commissioner a 20% raise and voted for the quarter million dollar renovation of Doyle Arp's office, columns and all.