From time to time, someone will mention to me that I need some new material on Some times that may be true but more times than not, there is actually new stuff on there and they just can't see it. That's because their cache files are so large they do not refresh as often as they could. I know most of you know how to be sure you are seeing the newest version of a web site but there are those who may not.

A couple of ways to be sure to get the latest web sites is to refresh your screen. One way to do this is to right click on the page you are looking at, and click on refresh. This should give you the newest version of any web site. Another way to refresh is to hit ctrl-F5. This will also refresh your page. Of course the best way to stay up to date with all web sites is to set your computer to always check for newest pages. Consult your computer person to find out how.