Red Flag II

Just last month, I brought a story of a few people who are trying to change our form of government in Loudon County. I warned you that you should listen to what they say and if they're telling the truth or if they're saying anything to achieve their goal. I think we have an answer.

You can read the Daily Edition Editorial Here.

Here's the original story if you missed it. Be Very Cautious.

Last week, the leader of the gang, Wayne Schnell, wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily Digest. This LTTE was even more questionable than the last one he sent to the News Herald.

According to Schnell's letter, his new form of government will be just like the constitution, it will help senior citizens, and make local government more efficient. Seems Schenell's claims are getting bigger and bigger.

What we have here are a few disgruntled citizens who feel they know what's best for all of us and who haven't been able to dictate to local government how they should do things. This was the same bunch that did everything in their power to derail the school building program especially the new school in Greenback.

The fact of the matter is, any one of the three or four individuals behind the home rule movement could put their names on a ballot and run for any office in the county. But that's not what they want to do nor could any of them get elected. So they find it necessary to mislead and misinform other folks to try to get them to support their agenda.

Again, if you're asked to sign their petition, be very cautious. These folks aren't looking out for you.