Remember just a few weeks ago when all the political smart people were all tore up that Trump might not accept the results of the election if he didn't win? Crooked Hillary talked about how dangerous it would be if Trump challenged the election results? Anybody surprised that Crooked Hillary and the dems are now calling for a recount? Of course not. I believe if you look back at the last few elections, it's the democrats who always challenge election results when they lose.

My question is, how about all those never Trump people out there like our own Governor Haslam and all those establishment republicans. Are they onboard with Crooked Hillary for the recount? Suppose Haslam and others are donating to the cause. They didn't want Trump and wanted Crooked Hillary, so it would only stand to reason that they hope a recount would get her the presidency.

Get over it, Donald Trump is the new president.

Learn to love it.