After staunchly campaigning on a platform to support the Loudon County schools building program, newly elected 5th District commissioner, Sharon Yarbrough, now says that she will be reconsidering her support for the building program.

The stunning revelation came at Monday's commission meeting after director of schools, Wayne Honeycutt, finally responded to commission's request for information on the school system's sharp increase in spending over the last few years.

After Honeycutt's presentation and commissioners Don Miller and Austin Shaver's questioning of many of the facts and figures presented by Honeycutt, Yarbrough seemed very up set and appeared to be apologetic to Honeycutt and staff for having to respond to commission's questions. She also accused Miller and Shaver of having and using information that other commissioners and school officials did not have to refute much of Honeycutt's information. However as it was pointed out by Shaver, the information that both he and Miller had was public information and readily available to anyone.

Yarbrough's position seemed to be that she felt it was more important that the school system receive more money for additional staffing and higher pay rather than for the building program.

During her campaign for her 5th district commission seat, Yarbrough was quoted in the News Herald as strongly supporting the current Phase 1 building program.

What is your opinion of the school building program and where do we go from here?

"The school building program should become a high priority for Loudon County and should address the needs of all students. Phase I of the school building program, inclusive of Ft. Loudon Middle School, Loudon Elementary School, Philadelphia Elementary School, and Greenback School, should be funded at the level and timeline requested by the Loudon County School Board." Sharon Yarbrough News Herald 7/19/2010

Contrary to her own words while on the campaign trail, now "commissioner" Yarbrough appears to be going back on her word.  Commissioner Yarbrough is the wife of school board member Gary Ubben.