Recent county mayor hopeful arrested

Brittany Davenport News-Herald

A contender for the Loudon County Mayor's position during the 2010 election was arrested Wednesday after violating an order of protection.

Mark Matlock, 50, of Beals Chapel Road, Lenoir City, was arrested March 2 after a Knoxville Police officer was dispatched to Lake Shore Park in reference to a disturbance, a Knox County Sheriff's Office arrest report said.

"Upon arrival I spoke to the victim, Charles Bowers, who had an order of protection on the defendant," the officer wrote in the report.

Details of the violation were not included.
Matlock is married to Bowers' ex-wife.

The order of protection, served on Feb. 15, stated Matlock stalked Bowers and delivered six letters regarding Bowers and his ex wife's child support.

A police report filed Sept. 28 stated Matlock may be trying to entice Bowers into a physical altercation.

Bowers stated he asked Matlock to give the letters to his attorney.

Bowers alleges that on Sept. 27, 2010 he went to pick up his children at his former in-laws and when he returned Matlock had entered his car without Bowers permission and left a letter in the seat.

On Sept. 29, 2010 Bowers alleged he was sitting at his son's bus stop when Matlock drove by and turned around.

"When he saw me he turned around and came back to the bus stop. He parked and got out of his vehicle and began pounding on my car window. He said roll down the window, I would not," according to the document.

"For several minutes Mr. Matlock beat on my window. At that point, I called for officers. Mr. Matlock then said, 'I will be waiting for you at the house.'"

Prior to Matlock's arrest, the latest incident occurred Feb. 11 when Bowers said he was escorting his daughter, who is disabled, out of Children's Hospital in Knoxville to her mother's van.

"Mr. Matlock stood at the bottom of the ramp to the van. He would not allow me to roll my daughter up the ramp. He said I got it," the filing said.

During the altercation Bowers stated Matlock refused to let go of his daughter's wheelchair and was "pulling on it."

Hospital security came and talked to Matlock and he let go of the wheelchair allowing Bowers to put his daughter in the vehicle, the filing said.

Knoxville Police Department responded to the scene and the officer, in his report, stated he advised Bowers on how to seek an order of protection.

"This is the second incident Mr. Matlock's behavior has occurred with my children present.," Bowers said.

"Mr. Matlock is now using my children to provoke me into an altercation. His tone and actions are becoming more alarming to me," Bowers stated.

Matlock is scheduled to appear in court March 10.

He was released on a $5,000 bond.

Bowers had no comment on the matter.

"Until everything is settled, it'd be better off if I didn't have anything to say," he said.

A call to Matlock was directed to his attorney Jerry Becker of Knoxville and calls from Becker were not returned.