Let's be real. This letter of threat and intimidation from the Loudon County Republican Executive Committee is nothing more than political pay back because I refused to follow suit and do what I was told. It was made clear to me a long time ago that Mr. Arp was the "chosen one." Not because of qualifications for the job but because of his party loyalty. Yet, how dare I go ahead and run for office after I was told how it would be. It's kind of ironic that I have been blackballed not because I was corrupt or dishonest, not because I lied, cheated or stole, not because I was indicted twice, not because I committed adultery, not because I have been suspected of drunk driving, not because I visit inappropriate web sites while on the job. NOOOOOOOO!, my crime was simply not supporting who I was told to support. What a dastardly fellow I am.

According to the "chosen one" he was offered $15,000.00 not to seek the office of County Mayor and guaranteed full funding to run for the office of State Representative. The offer came from staunch Loudon County republican operatives with close connections to the Loudon County Republican Executive Committee. All this was in hopes that another candidate would win the seat. Apparently this is acceptable behavior for loyal Republicans.

Allow me now to rebut each part of my letter of censure.

The letter clearly states at least three times that it is the Executive Committee who has directed the issuance of the letter. So should I assume that I have only lost favor with those six or seven people who make up the Executive Committee? Or should I assume that they speak for all the republicans in the world and I am excommunicated from the party forever.

For me, being a republican or a democrat or an independent is not like putting on a hat or a coat, it is about who you are and what you believe. It's about your social and moral values and what you feel the role of government is. Several times in the local media I have been vilified and accused of being one of those far right wing, conservative, radical Christians. I took that as a compliment. So unfortunately for the Loudon County Republican Executive Committee, I will remain a republican even though I will no longer be allowed to give them money. Given what a horrible person I am they might want to send me my money back I gave them to be on their "ticket." Surely they wouldn't won't to keep tainted money.

The letter states, " after considerable discussion and thought." I was tried, convicted and sentenced without even knowing I had been accused of a crime. Wouldn't you think they would have at least had the guts to call me in before the court to convict me. Even real criminals get their day in court. I guess the phrase, innocent until proven guilty, doesn't apply in the Loudon County Republican Executive Committee court.

The letter states that I have "displayed extreme disloyalty." I don't ever remember signing any papers that demanded me to show blind loyalty to anyone. In fact had I been required to sign some kind of loyalty oath to that party or any other organization I would have refused. After the American Civil War or as some call it, The War of Northern Aggression, the government required those who had supported the Southern cause to sign an oath of loyalty to the US government. Many southerners flatly refused to sign to oath and for that they were refused support and compensation for their loses during the war. They died poor but with their pride. I guess I've still got a little southern heritage in my blood.

The letter states, " it is the duty of all loyal Republicans to support the choice." This has to be one of the most disturbing portions of the whole letter. Just to imagine that there are those who really believe that others should make decisions simply because someone else tells them how to vote, and even worse, that there are those people out there who actually will make decisions based on what someone else tells them to do. Again I say, History is replete with those governments, organizations, parties and people who demand blind loyalty from their subjects, always with disastrous results. Think about it.

The letter states, that I have made unwarranted attacks both personal and professional on the republican nominee. I have made no attacks on anyone. I have simply stated the facts as they are. If that is painful for some, I can not help that. The facts remain the facts whether I state them or not. I cannot be responsible for the lifestyles and actions of others.

Click here to see what the Loudon County Republican Executive Committee calls:
 "Unwarranted Attacks Both Personal and Professional."

The letter states, that I am "openly supporting the opposing political party's candidate." I'm not sure what "openly supporting" actually means. If that means since I'm not supporting the "chosen one" then by default I must be supporting the other candidate, I guess those that want can assume whatever they want. Maybe I don't vote for any candidate for mayor. Maybe I do a write in vote for a candidate not even on the ballet. Who really knows how anyone votes when they cast their lot. I do think it is a bit presumptuous for some to feel they can predict the thoughts and actions of others.

While one could assume I might be supporting a candidate from the "other political party", there is one thing for sure. I did not take thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the "other political party." How do you square this. I'm getting the boot because I have allegedly supported a candidate from the "other political party", yet the chosen one took among others $1.000.00 from the former State Democratic Party Chairman. To me it is unimportant where campaign contributions come from, but how do you condemn one for his actions yet condone another's. Sounds like a bit of a double standard.

In summery, as a person, I have tried to live my life in the most honest fashion I possibly could, to live above reproach, to give no man cause to doubt or mistrust my word. As a Commissioner, I have tried to represent and work for everyone regardless of their political affiliation. However if my being honest and true to my convictions is cause enough for others to take issue with me, then so be it. I sleep just fine at night. How about you. Maybe it is time for those who would cast the first stone to take a good look in the mirror.

For those of you who have asked, below is the Executive Committee as listed on the Loudon County Republican web site.

Executive Committee

Harry Wampler Chairman
 State Exec Comm Woman: Johnnie Meyers
 1st Dist. Rep.: Sheryl Bacon
 2nd Dist. Rep.: Kent Booher
 3rd Dist. Rep.: Labe Coada
 4th Dist. Rep.: William H. Russell
 5th Dist. Rep.: Ken Shockley
 6th Dist. Rep.: Vacant
 7th Dist. Rep.: Jim Davis