Received this letter in the mail the other day. Obviously, Ms. Corbett doesn't know me very well if she thought I would be supportive of giving illegal immigrants in state tuition rates. See letter below.

The idea of giving in state tuition rates to immigrants, illegal or otherwise makes no since at all. In state tuition rates are for Tennessee residents who are also US citizens. Let those who want to take advantage of in state rates or any other social services become US citizens first then they can be eligible for benefits. 

You know the argument, the little children are here to no fault of their own. However, they're here illegally and thus should not be entitled to in state tuition. I'll take it even a little further, I don't think illegal's should even be allowed in our public schools.

Build the Trump wall. Come here legally or don't come at all.

Don't guess I'll be at the meeting.