Matt Brookshire's latest political ad contains the name of about 80 local folks that claim to support him for county mayor. Granted a number of them are his family members but you still have to wonder why? Why would anybody support someone like Brookshire if they know his past record as an elected official. Is it just family or party loyalty? Do they really want Brookshire to do to Loudon County what he has done to Lenoir City? I have no idea.

Here's a man through his "leadership" has nearly bankrupted the city, raised property taxes by 30% on city property owners and on top of all, that he thinks Barrack Obama and his socialist agenda is good for the country. You have to ask again, why would anybody support Matt Brookshire?

How about honesty? In a recent political mailing, Brookshire lays out 9 reasons why you should vote for him. Let's see if he makes the case.

11 years government experience and yet he has wrecked Lenoir City.

Will represent all equally. You might ask those dozens and dozens of people who have attended city council meetings only to be belittled, scorned and talked down to. To this day he still wont speak to his councilmen because he is still mad he didn't get the LCUB manager job.

Passed 9 balanced budgets. There's a tough one. It's illegal to pass a budget that's not balanced. It would be more interesting to here him tell how the budgets looked at the end of the fiscal year.

Fund balance of 1.5 million. It's just not true. The last audit shows about a half million at best in reserves and falling fast. This after 30% property tax increases and the passage of the hotel/motel tax. It's called tax and spend.

Involved more citizens. This is a fact. On many, not all but many of his appointed boards and committees, he has appointed people who think like him and will rubberstamp anything he wants. That's how he nearly took over all of the West Broadway through eminent domain. That's how he was able to sell a historic lake front property for $500.00 and so on.

A+ Stable Credit rating. Most city's get this rating. Simply means they have the ability to make their payments. Higher taxes if necessary.

15 years as class room teacher. He was a student now a teacher. Brookshire has no qualifications to manage anything more than a class room full of eighth graders. 15 years in the classroom might explain why he has so much trouble relating to adults and why he treats everybody like a child.

Preserve heritage and landscape. Refer back to the $500.00 land deal for Lenoir City's oldest historic property. Or maybe ask the folks in Lenoir City how he has "preserved" Lenoir City with his developer buddies.

Collage degree in government/history. That should do it. Not one shred of experience in even managing a Kool-Ade stand but he has a degree.  

Loudon County did not vote for Barrack Obama and hopefully they will not vote for an Obama want-a-be either. Elections have consequences and if the voters of Loudon County elect Matt Brookshire the consequences will be dire. Just ask those in Lenoir City who are paying his bills now. You think four years of Doyle Arp was bad, you aint seen nothing yet. We have a much better choice.