"Suspicious" house fire possibly linked to rape case
LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - A Loudon County home on Davis Ferry Road burned to the ground earlier this morning. Deputies tell us there could be a link between the fire and the home-owner's son who's in custody.

Nineteen year-old Brandon Myers was arrested on a rape charge on Saturday September 10th.


The criminal report states that Mr. Myers and two other men led a woman into a back bedroom, of the now burnt home, and raped her.

That incident has investigators looking closer at the cause of the fire.

Loudon County Sheriff's Lt. Investigator Patrick Upton said, "We're not for sure this is an arson but there's some suspicious circumstances that involves this home."

A K-9 unit searched the scene and suspects have been interviewed. As for Brandon Myers, he remains in jail charged with felony rape and his bond is set at $25,000.