RAM This Weekend

Remote Area Medical Sequoyah High School 3128 Hwy. 411 Madisonville, TN January 18-19.

Remote Area Medical
Our mission is to prevent pain and alleviate suffering by providing free quality healthcare to those in need: Over 84,000 volunteers, including healthcare professionals, providing over 75 million dollars worth of free medical care in over 700 mobile clinics to 545,000 patient encounters.

Patient Information

Most RAM Clinics basic services will offer dental, vision, general medical, prevention and education by licensed healthcare professionals. Additional services may be provided and will be indicated on specific dates on the clinic schedule. 

Due to the lack of time each patient must choose between dental/medical or vision/medical. No patient will be allowed to register for dental and vision on the same day of service. The basic services can include:


The parking lot at the clinic site will open at 12 midnight and we will begin handing out numbers at 3 a.m. 

Only one number will be given to each person and you must be present to receive a number. 

The amount of numbers we hand out is based on the number of healthcare professionals that are gracious enough to provide free services. 

So, once numbers run out, no other numbers will be issued for that day of service. 

Only those who have a number will be allowed to enter the clinic service areas (Unless assisting another patient) and not everyone will receive a number. 

Because the clinic is an event we have a start and ending time. 

Those who do not receive a number may return another day or if there is no other day available will not be able to be seen. 

We can not guarantee that if you come to wait for a number that you will receive a number to be seen. It is first come, first served.


1)      People should bring a foldable lawn chair ( like the ones in the bags)

2)      Bring bottled water and some light food like peanut butter and crackers

3)      Dress comfortably and bring some blankets they will be in the weather for several hours before getting in the building.

For more information visit their web site here.

Remote Area Medical