Rain Tax Is Here

It appears Lenoir City's Rain Tax is starting to hit on the most recent LCUB bills. Several folks have posted their bills on social media. The one above had an $18.00 electric bill with a $50 Rain Tax.

As could be expected, city officials are trying to pass the blame away from them. Note the "Mandated By Congress" statement on the bill. Of course this is absolutely false. The only ones who mandated the Rain Tax is the majority of city council. I've explained the "Mandated By Congress" thing before. No, congress did not mandate anything. However the state did pass the law that allows certain cities to adopt the Rain Tax if they want to. But state legislators didn't want to be blamed for the tax if these cities did pass the tax. So in the state law, it says, and I paraphrase, if city councils do pass this tax, they're not going to blame it on us, blame it on congress.

As I've said many times before, Lenoir City council were the only ones who mandated the Rain Tax. Except for Bobby Johnson Sr., who did not vote for the tax. And remember, they can raise it any time they want. Taxes to government officials are like crack to a drug addict.

By the end of August, every city resident, business, church and nonprofit will get their bill for their rain tax on their utility bill. And every month thereafter.

Remember, if your property does not impact the Lenoir City stormwater system, you do not have to pay the tax. That's the law.

Because several have asked, the November 2018 Lenoir City election will see four council seats on the ballot. The seats held by Jim Shields, Buddy Hines and Mike Henline, all who voted for the Rain Tax, will be on the ballot. Also, Jennifer Wampler, who also voted for the Rain Tax, seat will be up since she was appointed to fill out the term of her late husband, Harry Wampler. 4 out of six seats up for grabs. I'd say candidates who run to repeal the Rain Tax might have a popular platform. Just saying.