Rain Tax 9

In the federal government, there is much talk about cutting taxes. In Tennessee government, there is much talk about cutting taxes. But in Lenoir City it's quite different. It's peddle to the metal on raising taxes. Tax'em till they bleed seems to be city officials intentions.

With the passage of Lenoir City's all new Rain Tax, all city residents, businesses, churches, schools and nonprofits are about to be hit with the largest tax increase in the city's history. 

I asked for and was given a copy of the list of all nonresidential "stormwater fees" that will be charged. It's truly eye opening. I have included a link to that list below.  However, this is just nonresidential fees. Every residential home, apartment dweller, over or under will be charged a $3 tax on their LCUB utility bills every month. The nonresidential tax will also be applied to their LCUB utility bills.

As I looked through the list, it became even more clear how wrong the Rain Tax is. So, so many of the businesses do not put one drop of rain water runoff into the city stormwater system. In fact, I would say the majority of nonresidential's being charged do not impact the city system. For instance, Calhoun's at the marina and all the other facilities around that area. Unless the city considers the Tennessee River as their stormwater system, nothing in the park area impact the Lenoir City system.

Adesa Auto Auction takes the biggest hit for a private business from the Rain Tax at $2,000 per month. Best I can tell, they capture all their rainwater run off on site. Richardson's Stables barn on Pine Top get's hit for $50 per month and all their run off goes to Highland Park.

Then there's Elm Hill/Family Brands. Just after suffering a devastating fire, now they get hit with a $400 per month Rain Tax. Of course, their rain water run off also heads straight to the river.

You can read the list your self. See what you think.

If the residents, businesses, churches, schools and nonprofits of Lenoir City lay down for this, they can expect more of the same from their elected officials. If there is a legal challenge to this unjust, unneeded and down right despicable tax, it would fall quickly. But it shouldn't take legal action. The city council and mayor should come to their senses and realize what they're doing to their community. Talk about regressive taxes, and a hostel business environment, they really know how to do it.

Below is the list. And remember, the tax you see is per month.

Click Here To View All Non Residential Rain Tax Assessments