Rain Tax 6

This evening, 6/26/17, the Lenoir City council will take the third and final vote on the controversial Rain Tax that will impact every Lenoir City resident, business, church, nonprofit and school. The tax was first billed as mandated but that is now known not to be true.

Here are the facts:

The Rain Tax is not mandated by any branch of federal or state government.
The Rain Tax will be very costly for everyone especially businesses and churches.
Lenoir City currently has a four million dollar plus fund balance and growing each year.
There are no current or future plans for any stormwater or flood control improvement or expansion projects.
The city plans to move a large number of current employees to the stormwater budget to free up other funds.
The Rain Tax is nothing more than a local tax just like a wheel tax.
There is no logical explanation why city council wants to punish all their residents, businesses, churches, nonprofits and schools.

If council does pass the Rain Tax, it will be the single largest scam perpetrated on the city population ever. Many have asked what can be done to stop this crazy tax. The answer is simple, council needs to come to their senses and realize what damage they're going to be doing to to everyone. If that doesn't happen, next year, four of the six council seats will be up for re-election. City voters could replace those voting for the Rain Tax with others who would repeal this senseless tax.

In the mean time if the tax is passed, the law is very clear, backed up with the attorney general's opinion, that if the rain water that runs off your property doesn't enter the city's stormwater or flood control system, you would be exempt from paying the tax. Likewise, any business or other entity who retains and controls their rainwater runoff and it doesn't enter the city's stormwater or flood control system shall be provided adjustments of the tax. For some whose property is on the fringes of the city limits or along Hwy. 321 could request de-annexation from the city.

Tennessee Code Annotated  68-221-1107.  Facilities user's fee.

....Persons whose storm water runoff is not discharged into or through the storm water or flood control facilities, or both, of the municipality; and owners and/or operators of agricultural land, in the municipality, upon which the owner and/or operator conducts activities that enable the owner and/or operator to satisfy the requirements of a qualified farmer or nurseryman shall be exempted from payment of the graduated storm water user fee authorized by this section. The fee structure shall provide adjustments for users who construct facilities to retain and control the quantity of storm water runoff.

It truly is a mystery why city officials have decided to lay such a heavy burden on the very folks who make the city work. Not surprisingly, LCUB will be the largest contributor to the city's Rain Tax. Just another way to transfer utility money to the city?

The meeting will begin with a public hearing at 6:15 at city hall on Hwy. 321. This would be the time anyone wishing to comment on the tax, to address the council. The actual vote will take place after the formal meeting begins at 7:00.

This could be your last opportunity to let your opinion be known short of the 2018 election.