Rain Tax 10

A bunch of you sharp eyed readers brought it to my attention that the Fort Loudon Hospital was not on the Rain Tax list I published last week. Well, you all were right. I inquired about the missing facility and seems it was just accidently omitted. The hospital's monthly Rain Tax will be $300 per month. Add that to your list.

Don't Call LCUB

Very soon, everyone in Lenoir City will be receiving their first utility bills with the Rain Tax added. When you do, don't call LCUB. LCUB has nothing to do with the Rain Tax except collecting it for the city. Why is LCUB involved at all you might ask? Because that's the fastest, easiest way for the city to get the monthly payment from all their citizens. If LCUB folks were smart, they would add an additional prompt to their automated phone system that says, if you're calling about the rainTax, you need to contact the city council and mayor then give the phone numbers.

Do It The Right Way

I've heard from a number of you who say you will not pay the tax because your property has no city stromwater infrastructure anywhere around are even near your property. In that case, under the law, you do not have to pay the tax. But you must follow the procedure to be exempted. This has also been opined by the Tennessee Attorney General.

Tennessee Code Annotated  68-221-1107.  Facilities user's fee.

  (a) ......Persons whose storm water runoff is not discharged into or through the storm water or flood control facilities, or both, of the municipality; and owners and/or operators of agricultural land, in the municipality, upon which the owner and/or operator conducts activities that enable the owner and/or operator to satisfy the requirements of a qualified farmer or nurseryman
shall be exempted from payment of the graduated storm water user fee authorized by this section. The fee structure shall provide adjustments for users who construct facilities to retain and control the quantity of storm water runoff.

Process for appeal from Lenoir City Stormwater Resolution:

Section 14. 7Appeals of fees.  (1) Generally.  Any person who disagrees with the calculation of the stormwater userís fee, as provided in this ordinance, or who seeks a stormwater userís fee adjustment based upon stormwater management practices, may appeal such fee determination to the stormwater utility within thirty (30) days from the date of the last bill containing stormwater userís fees charges.  Any appeal shall be filed in writing and shall state the grounds for the appeal. The stormwater utility director may request additional information from the appealing party.

(2)       Adjustments.  Stormwater userís fee adjustments for stormwater management practices may be considered for: reductions in runoff volume including discharge to a non-city drainage system; and properly designed constructed and maintained existing retention facilities, i.e. evaporation and recharge.  Based upon the information provided by the utility and the appealing party, the stormwater utility shall make a final calculation of the stormwater drainage fee.  The stormwater utility shall notify the parties, in writing, of its decision.

So if you want to dispute your rain Tax, you need to contact the Stormwater Utility Manager, Greg Buckner, At city hall.

Most Lenoir City residents, businesses, churches, schools and nonprofits should see their first Rain Tax on their August utility bill.

When it rains, it pours.