Since being booted from the Republican Party a few weeks ago, I find myself in the odd position of having to defend the the republican party/cause on a regular basis. The level of support I have received from the general public has been overwhelming. Seems that every person that has contacted me about the matter is as  disturbed as I was at the thought of another person or organization demanding blind loyalty from others when it comes to voting. Many have been outraged at the parties attempt to prohibit freedom of speech. The fear is that if it can happen to me it could also happen to others. Once you start down the road of limiting what people can say and how they can vote then where does it end.

I have tried my best to make everyone understand that the censure and withdrawal of support from the Loudon County Republican Executive Committee is no more than politics at it's ugliest. This is just a simple matter of a half dozen or so folks who have a problem with independent thinking and take their marching orders from others. I even understand that I may be in store for a little more pay back.

I do appreciate all the support and encouragement I have received from everyone.