Public Records To Stay Public, For Now

County Mayor, Doyle Arp's proposal to restrict the public's access to public records hit a small obstacle Monday night. Namely the Loudon County Commission. Seems that most commissioners didn't share Arp's desire to shut out the public but were more concerned that the public's rights be protected and we thank them for that. Mayor Arp was not in attendance at the meeting.

Even before the agenda was adopted, Commissioner David Meers moved that the Mayor's proposed resolution be removed from the agenda sighting the need "for major revision" to the document. Meers' motion to remove was seconded by Commissioner Wayne Gardin. Commissioners Miller, Franke and Maples also made statements in agreement with Meers' motion. The vote was unanimous to remove. The general consciences was to send the matter back to workshop for more discussion and the formation of a committee to study what, if any, policy was needed for public records.

Below are short videos of the commissioners who voiced opposition to the mayor's plan.

Video comments from Commissioners:

David Mears
Don Miller
Bob Franke
Earlena Maples