Prove Me Wrong

It has come to my attention that some within the Loudon County education system have stated that I'm all wrong. That my facts and figures pertaining to the BOE spending and staffing are skewed. Here's a challenge to those who say that. Prove me wrong. It's certainly not that I don't think I can make a mistake, it's just that I trust my information and research.

All the information I have published came from the BOE, central accounting or the state. In the spirit of fair play, I will be more than happy to provide equal time to anyone from the BOE who would like to refute my reports.

Maybe someone could provide answers to some critical questions that seem to be on the minds of a lot of Loudon County residents. Such as, why does the BOE employee so many additional employees above the number of certified positions the state says we should have? Why do we continue to educate so many out of county students including those enrolled under "educational custody"? Why pay an extra million dollars for a piece of property? Why go to Gatlinburg to discuss Loudon County matters? And on and on and on.

Increasing the property taxes of every Loudon County property owner by hundreds some times thousands of dollars is a dead serious matter. There are many people in our county who are barely making ends meet as it is. What they don't need are additional tax burdens especially when the case for it has yet to be proven. The education of our children is also a dead serious matter that should not be held hostage by those with lesser motives.

Thus far all we have heard from the BOE are astronomical requests with no basis in fact but are simply mythical projections derived using magic math. Again I say, prove me wrong. 

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