The Process

County attorney, Bob Bowman, was on hand at last week's Loudon County commission meeting to inform commissioners of the process they would need to follow to fill the vacancy in the Property Assessor's office brought by the death of Chuck Jenkins.

Bowman informed commissioners that the procedure was defined in Tennessee Code. He cited both TCA 5-1-104 and 5-5-111. According to Bowman, the position must be filled within 120 days from the notification of the vacancy. Commission will need to give at least a seven day public notice before filling the position. The appointment will only be till the next regular election for the assessor's position.

The regular scheduled election for Loudon County Assessor will be next year. The primary is set for March 6, 2012 with the general election set for August 2, 2012. A commission appointment will only be till next August.

No doubt, the near sixty-four thousand dollar per year job will generate interest among a number of folks who would like to have the job and I suspect there will be several ready to run for the position next year. There may even be some within the assessor's office or other county departments interested in the job.

At Monday's meeting, some commissioners expressed an interest in filling the position, in the interim, with someone qualified for the job but that might not necessarily be interested in running for the job in the upcoming election. In this way, commissioners could not be accused of making a political appointment and would leave any candidates running for the job to be on even footing.

Commission is set to discuss the issue at it's next workshop on the 22nd.